Praise Report – The Astros Finally Won of yesterday the Astros were the only winless time in major league baseball.  That changed today.  They finally won a game.  You might question the fact that I am an Astro’s fan.  I believe that we should be fans when teams are winners and losers.  I wouldn’t want people to leave our church just because I have a bad Sunday preaching.  But I would also hope that I don’t become like the Astro’s and have eight bad ones in a row either.  If I do, the management might think of trading me.  Oh wait, church isn’t like baseball.  But if I made 5 million a year I would understand the board taking action like that:)

Hopefully the Astro’s will begin a turnaround.  Alot of great young talent Bud Norris, Michael Bourn, Tommy Manzella and Hunter Pence.  Go Astro’s!

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