Easter Through The Eyes Of A 3 Year Old

Hannah went to Sunday School yesterday morning and learned the Easter Message.  She has a fantastic teacher who works with a wide range of kids and communicates where they can understand it.  There is, however, Hannah, who interprets things in her own way.

Yesterday evening, she is recounting the story of Easter to us.  She intermingles (confuses or embellishes) the facts with her tall tales.  Hannah begins by saying, “Yesterday I hung on a Cross and had my skin come off.”  I asked, “who was on the Cross?”  She replies, “Me and Jesus and his skin was ripped off.”  She goes on, “He hung on a tree and while He was up there they put a muffin on a stick and gave it to him to eat.”  Hannah continues, “He looked down to HIs mother and said, “Help me get down from here.”  “Then He died and they put him in the tomb and He lived again.”

There were some facts that were a little misrepresented there but she had much of the story down.  In fact, she knew more facts about Easter than many adults.  But before you think that Sonya and I teach her crazy stuff, let me see if I can clarify these things for you.

Jesus was beaten very cruelly and His flesh was ripped open by the whip.  They hung Him on a Cross and He cried out, “I thirst.”  And they gave him gall mixed with wine and lifted it to His mouth on a stick.  Looking down from the Cross, He spoke to His mother concerning John the Apostle, “Woman, behold your Son.”  Then to John He said, “Behold your mother.”  He breathed His last and they laid Him in a tomb.  Then He arose.  He is alive!

Though Hannah got some facts mixed up, the story was in tact.  Jesus Died and Now He Lives.  This is what we celebrate on Easter.  Hannah made it fun for us yesterday, and I can almost think that God was smiling when she got the facts out of whack.

2 thoughts on “Easter Through The Eyes Of A 3 Year Old

  1. You continue to tell the Easter story Hannah plus all the other Bible stories. Good job Sunday school teacher.

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