On Fire

This morning I began reading Wesley Duewel’s, Ablaze For God, again, for the third time.  If there is a book that stirs my heart it is this one.  It rekindles the fire within my soul like few books can do. 

In the first chapter, Duewel quotes Spurgeon, “Spurgeon spoke of the need of leaders “who live only for Christ, and desire nothing but opportunities for promoting His glory, for spreading His truth, for winning by power those whom Jesus has redeemed by His precious blood…We need red-hot, white-hot men, who glow with intense heat; growing warmer; who burn their way in all positions straight on to the desired work; men like thunderbolts flung from Jehovah’s hand, crashing through every opposing thing, till they have reached the target aimed at; men impelled by Omnipotence.”

Then the author writes a convicting thought, “Every Christian leader should be an exemplar, should be a demonstration of Christ’s visible standard of Spirit-filled living.  You as a leader should maintain your spiritual stature, fervency and consistency, and be so marked by the seal of God’s Spirit that those you lead thank God for your leadership.  They should be motivated to accept and follow your leadership wholeheartedly, and both consciously and unconsciously, be drawn nearer to God under your leadership.”

I am challenged to pursue God so that I may be totally consumed by Him and my heart will be so ablaze for Him that the fire spreads.

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