What are you waiting for?

Many Christians are waiting for the right circumstances and perfect conditions before they will serve God.  By serving God, I mean doing something for God.  Many Christians, fulfill their Christian obligations of church attendance, prayer, reading the Bible and even giving.  But not everyone serves in some type of ministry for the Lord.

I have talked with many believers and have heard a range of excuses why they are not fulfilling this important aspect of their Christian life.  Some feel inadequate.  Others feel as if it is not the right timing.  Many feel that the circumstances aren’t right.  I believe, however, that we do not have to have the perfect set of circumstances before we embark on a ministry for Christ.

In Mark 6, Jesus sent out His disciples and said for them "to take nothing for the journey except a staff – no bag, no bread, no copper in their money belts – but to wear sandals and not to put on two tunics…"

What an interesting instruction?  You mean God doesn’t want the best for me?  In our day of prosperity in America, we live with our heads in some type of box and we think that everyone should be living like us.  We think that God would never send us out to do a work for Him unless we prospered in some way.  Jesus on the other hand called His disciples to live by faith.  I am not saying that God doesn’t want us to prosper.  I am saying, however, that He requires faith from us and that we should not look at what we can gain from the work but what His kingdom can gain.

We fail to remember that although the disciples were sent out with little to nothing in material goods they were given something far more valuable.  And He called  the twelve to Himself, and began to send them out two by two, and gave them POWER over unclean spirits.  Power is what you need for the work not a list of material goods.

In ministry today we look for greener pastures.  We search for the perfect job in the church that will be the BEST for US.  When will we begin to think of what is best for Him?  I believe that God will bless us in our ministry, in our service.  I also believe that somewhere we have to step out on faith even if we do not know all the details just yet.  God is an amazing God!  The disciples didn’t know what they would encounter.  They didn’t even know how their ends would meet.  But they knew that Jesus sent them out with power and they fulfilled the ministry.  They didn’t starve.  They didn’t fail.  They saw the hand of God move on them because of THEIR faith and HIS power.

I challenge you, do not worry about all the small details.  Do something for God, even if it doesn’t bring you great gain.  We are looking to build His Kingdom not ours.

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