I Got Fired

Last night before my board meeting, Hannah had some important news to tell me.  She was sitting in “MY” chair while I sat on the couch and she informed me of an important decision she had made.  Hannah looked at me and said, “I’m getting a new pastor.  You’re not the pastor anymore.”  My own three year old daughter got rid of me.

I don’t know what it is about my children when they are three years old.  12 years ago, Josh was three years old, when he walked into his Sunday School class exasperated.  He looked at his Sunday School teacher while shaking his head and said, “We need to get us a new pastor around here.”  Ms. Harlene asked him what he said and he repeated it verbatim.  “We need to get us another pastor around here.”

Either my children don’t like their pastor or they just do this to give me a complex.  For a pastor, it is a bad sign when your own family want to go to another church.  I just hope the word doesn’t get out and I find out everyone else feels the same way:)

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