Wisdom For Living

For many years I have cherished the writings of Solomon in the book of Proverbs.  There is immense guidance and wisdom for life found in these 31 chapters.  God has granted us a playbook for the game of life and we can learn from the experience of the ancient Solomon.

Starting March 7, we will begin a new series, Wisdom For Life.  We will be looking at many subjects from the book of Proverbs.  God’s Will, Wisdom, Success, The Tongue, The Heart, Parenting, Diligence vs. Laziness and Righteousness.  It will be a series  that will carry us through a couple of months.  We normally do not dive into a series for that long on Sunday mornings, but you cannot get through Proverbs quickly.  Join us on these Sunday mornings to help you gain Wisdom for Life.

wisdomforliving begin copy

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