In This Together

One of the beauties of the church is the fact that we are one body made up of individual believers.  God instituted a church that would stick together. That would love one another and care for one another.

Last night I was reading through I Corinthians and noticed a verse of Scripture that gives us a great picture of the church.  "If one members suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.”

We are a part of a family and if one of us suffers we should all suffer with them.  We should come along side of them and lift them up.  It is the opposite of what Job’s friends did.  They came alongside of him during his suffering and pointed fingers at him and tried to blame him for his mess.  Suffering with someone means that we identify with them, pray for them, listen to them and hold them up without reproach.  We must minister to others in their suffering by being a help and not a hindrance.

The Apostle Paul also wrote that when one is honored, we rejoice with them.  Too often in the body of Christ, we are jealous when others are honored over us.  The true heart of the body of Christ is that we all rejoice when others have been honored.  We must walk in such humility that when others get credit for what we have helped with, that we are happy even when they are honored instead of us.  One of the hardest things to overcome in the church is our own pride. 

When we are interested in building God’s Kingdom, we could care less who gets the credit, as long as God is glorified and His Kingdom advanced.  Our passion and desire should be for others to excel and have success.  My desire as a pastor is that we will raise up people that will go forward and do greater things than we have done.  My hope is to one day raise up pastors who will go on to build bigger churches and do greater things than I could imagine.

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