Knowing Right From Wrong

As we raise a small child, I have noticed that there are traits that we are born with.  My parents were in Rogers for several weeks and while here, my mom made Hannah an angel costume.  Hannah loves to dress up like a princess but wanted to have a costume for an angel.  Now I will always testify that Hannah is my little princess, but to call her an angel is a stretch:)

The angel costume was finished and she wore it for an hour or so.  She then decided to take off the costume.  She said, “I need to take off my angel costume so I can act ornery!”  We were taken by surprise by this.  She acts ornery in her princess costumes but when she is wearing an angel one, she somehow knows that acting ornery is out of character for an angel.  She had to take it off!

I know I try to spiritualize everything so I can write about it, but every one of us knows the difference between right and wrong.  Hannah knew angels (good not fallen) do not act ornery.  So she took off the costume.  She knows the difference between the two.  Everyone of us has been given an inner tuition that reveals to us right and wrong.  It is called by some a conscience,  but that conscience is a person, the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit convicts us of right and wrong.  To convict literally means convince.  He lets us know when we are following the wrong path.

We must tune in and listen to Him.  Follow His way and walk in the Spirit.  We must make sure that we listen to His conviction so that we will not act “ornery”.

4 thoughts on “Knowing Right From Wrong

  1. Having returned to work this morning (tuesday) after a very trying and stressful weekend, there were many tasks for me to do immediately. I did not get to check what you have written for several days. I stopped for lunch and was ready
    to just leave out of here crying and pulling what little hair
    I had left out, when I read about Hannah. A chuckle came to me and just really helped. Yes we all know right from wrong but sometimes it becomes a how can I hurt you back thing, not just being “onery”. But her “style and ways of saying things” sometimes help to make you see things in a different
    light. Kiss her for me. Love you all

    • I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Hannah lightens us up at home but also embarasses us sometimes because of her quips, especially when she is talking to strangers. She says some of the funniest things. i think sometimes that you were the one that taught her such things.

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