Proud Dad

I hate to use this blog to brag on my kids, but after all it is my blog.

Sonya and I are blessed to have a God fearing son who loves God will all of his heart.  At the beginning of the school year God put a desire in his heart to start a Bible club at school.  The club has been going now for three weeks and it is growing.  Josh and another kid split up the speaking duties and they have vision for growth.

What made me more proud than anything was the first week only one kid showed up.  Josh still gave the devotional to just one kid.  Years ago as a preacher at a small church, we would often only have 2 on a Wednesday night.  I was tempted to not share because after all there was only two…why waste a sermon right?  Josh gave it all he had and God honored it.  The next week they had seven and yesterday they had nine.

I am proud of my son!

4 thoughts on “Proud Dad

  1. Josh, Kenneth and I are proud of you too.

    Danny, Judy said you are for the Colts.
    Go SAINTS!!! 🙂

    You need to quit hanging around Judy…she seems to be rubbing off on you.

  2. Despite all that Josh has to put up with his Mother has done a fine Job of raising him. It is a great kid and mostly very respectful, except when his father starts. May you have a blessed day even if you think I am a terrible influence.

    WHO DAT!!!! Just remember Dallas Beat that team.

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