It has been a week with much hype about the incoming storm.  They say it will be the worst storm in a decade, but not as bad as last year.  Just a side note: how can it be the worst storm in a decade when it won’t be as bad as last year?  Was last year actually the worst storm in the decade?  I need to be a weatherman…I can make profound statements like they do:)

Sorry, I got off track.  All week we have been building up to the “storm”.  We have been told what to expect.  We have been informed about what the storm might mean to Northwest Arkansas.  The weather team has been building expectancy.  Expecting something big.

I believe that expectancy is a good thing.  It helps you prepare for what is to come.  It helps you think, plan and act.  Expectancy is vital to the kingdom of God.  Do we expect God to do something?  Are we expectantly waiting for Him to move?

My heart is filled with expectancy for this new year.  I have never been as excited about a new year as I have this one.  Something in my Spirit leaps when I think of what God is going to do. 

Expectancy should drive all of us.  We should come to church, expecting.  We should pray, expecting. We should read the Word, expecting.  Expecting God to show up in a real way in our lives and in our church.

It is like the expectancy of a woman who is pregnant.  A few years ago, when Sonya was pregnant with Hannah.  We were expecting.  We knew something great was about to happen, but we didn’t know what Hannah would look like or what she would be like.  There were a lot of answers that we didn’t have, but we expected something good.

That is how I feel about RFA.  I don’t know everything that God is going to do, but I am expecting something good.  I don’t have all the answers but I know that God has something up His sleeve.  I am expecting!

Someone once said, “Attempt Great Things For God, Expect Great Things From God.’”

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