First Post Of 2010

It is a new year which means new beginnings.  We had a wonderful Christmas season.  I took a break from writing for a couple weeks.  Our family enjoyed some time together with the holiday as we spent Christmas in Rogers and it was a white Christmas.

We had another snow yesterday that gave us another 3-4 inches of snow.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I walked out of the house early yesterday morning.  There were no tracks in the snow yet and the scene was peaceful and serene.  The beauty of the snow cannot be captured by words.  Even last night, it seemed brighter outside because the ground was so white.

I am reminded of the verse, “Though our sins be as scarlet, He shall make them as white as snow.”  The snow is pure white, just as He makes us when He covers our sins with the Blood of Christ.

I am looking forward to this new year. 

One thought on “First Post Of 2010

  1. I figured you would be coumting your blessings that I decided not to come. You could be snowed in with me there. 🙂 But it is very cold for us down here in the south. It was 28 this morning at my house and will probably be 18 or 19 this weekend. Oh poor me I may have to stay home from work if the bridge freezes. Pictures of Hannah in the snow were cute, but I like the one of her and Josh sitting next to each other with their hands folded almost the same. Happy New Year to all even to all who read the blog, that I
    don’t know. God bless as you start your fast.

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