Innate Behaviors

Last night at our after dinner snack time, Sonya made a brilliant discovery about behaviors that can’t be taught.  Hannah informed us she would like some “bretfast”, which is her way of saying she was wanting something to eat.  We asked her what she wanted and she said “Cerio” (Cereal).  Sonya poured her some Cheerios and put the box back into the cabinet. That is when Hannah said, “I want to look at the box.”

With eyes full of revelation, Sonya looked at me and said, “Some behaviors just aren’t taught.”  Isn’t it true that most people look at the cereal box when they eat cereal? It is an innate behavior that is not taught it is just in there.  Sort of like reading in the bathroom (Hannah has already discovered that too:) 

Within all of us are characteristics that are implanted not learned.  We are all equipped with a sin nature.  We were born with that and it can only be conquered by the power of Christ.  Children aren’t taught to sin…it is in them.  Even through adulthood we have that innate capacity to sin that we must learn to overcome through Christ.

There are other built in behaviors that we have been born with.  These are gifts.  God has wired each of us with personalities and gifts that are to be used for the  glory of God.  He has given them to every one of us.  These things are inherent in our lives and we must discover those things that God desires us to do.  These are the passions that we have, creativity in certain areas, gifts that are not learned but given.

We are all unique in our giftings but all the same in the fact that God has given us innate behaviors. 

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