Hannah’s First Sermon

As we were hanging around the house today, Hannah did a little preaching.  She was dressed up in her Snow White dress and asked for my Bible.  She started saying a few words and then got real loud. (I don’t know where she picked that up)  She shouted, “Thursday is pink day!”  She read (mumbled) from the Bible a little more and shouted out, “And Tuesday is purple day.”

Not sure where she learned those things but at least she used her Bible when she preached:)

4 thoughts on “Hannah’s First Sermon

  1. Precious!!!!!!!!!!!But you are in trouble, a want to be congressman or PRESIDENT and a preacher. Where do you go from there. I got to keep my great-grandbaby all day yesterday. He sure was fun.

    Have a great week.

    Thought I might get to come next week. I am taking off the week of New Years. But with the weather so
    unpredictable and I have to travel alone, thought I
    better not. So again you were spared.

    Love you all. The Pest

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