Ergonomic Remote Controls

It’s cold!  For this old Texas boy in the land of Northwest Arkansas, temperatures dip lower than I am used to.  I am certainly thankful for global warming, otherwise we might be too cold.

Because it is winter, I invested in a small room electric heater.  This would help heat my office, while keeping the gas bill down, because I do not have to run the central heat as much.  When I bought this heating unit, I was especially enticed by the fact that it had a remote control.  This is so I do not have to overcome laziness to turn it on/off, hotter or colder.  I can do this from the confines of my chair 4 foot away.  When I was a kid the only remote control we had in the house was me and my brother.  My kids are spoiled because they do not have to get up and turn the TV on or off.  (and they say kids have it hard these days)

remoteBack to the remote control…This heating unit by Lasko doesn’t have an ordinary remote control.  No, this bad boy is equipped with an ergonomic remote.  That’s right, ergonomic.  I have heard of ergonomic chairs and furniture but never an ergonomic remote.  Ergonomic is defined as an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely. 

I am glad someone was looking out for me when they developed this ergonomic remote.  I cannot say that I feel more efficient or safer because of it, but there must be a reason for promoting such a thing.  I must say, the shape of this special remote, is comfortable to hold and I can see the benefit of such a design (if I were to hold the remote for 12 hours).

I love our lives today!  We have every comfort at our disposal.  Ergonomic remotes, standard remotes, microwave ovens, central air and heat, cars with air and heat, comforts galore.  We are blessed beyond measure, yet we are not content.  We are always looking for something to make our lives easier. 

We have a tendency to complain because our internet not being fast enough (anybody remember dial-up).  We have fast food and that isn’t fast enough for our rushed society.  We can shop online for all the items we want at cheaper prices, but we get irritated if the package takes a week to come in.  I once read a report that showed that America was one of the unhappiest nations in the world.  Many third world countries rated happier than us.

The reason I believe is because, happiness depends on happenings but joy is a product of the heart.  We must find our happiness in the things of God not the conveniences of this world.  Though I am only in jest about the ergonomic control, I am reminded that marketers have to find another comfort to appeal to the buyer.  Honestly,  I am just happy to have heat, even if I would have to walk across the room to turn it on:)

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