Santa’s Helper

Today was our annual picture with Santa.  Hannah told him she wanted a Buzz Lightyear, Woody and a Doll House.  We will have to see what Daddy Claus brings her:) 

By the way, what do (did) you tell your kids about Santa?  Would love to hear your take on old Kris Kringle.

5 thoughts on “Santa’s Helper

  1. If I know Daddy Clause, she gets what she wants 🙂
    We used to tell the boys Santa was someone who helped
    us because Dad was so sick and I had to take care of
    him, so he was there to help us. They were taught the meaning of Christmas and Easter, but that we just had to have a little help at those times of the year.

    That is a great picture of Hannah.

    Love Ya The PEST

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