Bringing Work Home

I have always been one to bring work home.  It is one of those things that I have tried to cut back over the last couple of years.  Home time is not meant to be a carry over from work, although sometimes it is inevitable. 

But ladies, it could always be worse.  This cartoon reveals the ultimate workaholic:)


2 thoughts on “Bringing Work Home

  1. Am glad I married an accountant. He just brought big
    old books home (before computers). I sometimes bring work home because of deadlines, but the cat sits right in the middle of it all, and I get nothing done.
    Your poor family probably has to listen to you preach your sermon over and over and then again in church.Wow I have new respect for them.

    If you need help just call.

    • I didn’t realize you were that old. Before computers?

      I do not preach to my family before Sunday. They preach at me all week. Sunday is the only day I can get them to listen.

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