What is that in your heart?

Have you ever taken time to look inside of your heart?  I am not talking about an Arteriogram or MRI here, but a soul evaluation.  Heart searching is a painful procedure but it is necessary for spiritual development.

Proverbs 4:23 says, "Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life."

It is the responsibility of each person to keep track of what is within his heart and clean it out accordingly.  You see, I am not responsible to come over and clean your house. (I don’t like housework anyway)  It is your job to clean your own home.  Sometimes we are better judging someone else’s heart or trying to clean someone else up.

The wise man here in Proverbs said it is YOUR heart you must keep.  Cleaning spiritual house is a necessity.  As believers we often tend to allow our heart to fill up with some small things that eventually grow into big things.  It is kind of like a house that needs to be dusted.  Sometimes you don’t notice the dust until the light comes on.

Turn the light on in your life and look at what kind of dust build up you have.  It may be the way you talk, the way you act.  It could even be the things you watch on TV or the things you listen to.  Perhaps it is your temper that causes you to stumble at times.  It may be something that you are not aware of except for a heart searching.

Many times I have allowed things to creep into my life that I didn’t realize until I did a good heart searching.  The Holy Spirit revealed these things within my life so that I might root them out.  There have been times He has revealed to me some bitterness that I was hanging on to.  Out of your heart springs the issues of life.  What comes out of your heart is either good or bad issues.

We shouldn’t go into issues should we?  We all have some ISSUES!  The only way to deal with bad issues is to search our heart.  The good issues come by allowing God to root out the bad and replacing it with the good.  The greatest thing about seeing your heart the way God sees it is that God is working some marvelous things in your life.  He doesn’t reveal it to you to condemn you but rather to mature you.

Our God is making a bride that is prepared for Him.  A Bride that is blameless and pure.  Allow Him to clean you up.  You clean your spiritual house as the Holy Spirit reveals the dust.

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