Chic-Fil-A Experience

I have not been a loyal customer for long at Chic-Fil-A, because after all a chicken sandwich is a chicken sandwich.  I do, however, find myself frequenting Chic-Fil-A alot more lately.  Sure their waffle fries are second to none, not to mention they have great iced tea.  But the reason I keep going back is because of their service.  That’s right, service. 

I am impressed every time I go.  The employees are friendly and helpful, which in fast food is not always the case.  Employees at Chic-Fil-A are armed with a smile and a genuine willingness to help.  The food is always hot.  The store is always clean.  The business is run with precision with little room for error.

But my main reasons for going to Chick-Fil-A are:

1.  They wait on your table and refill your drinks without expecting tips.

2.  The manager walks around to make sure everything is okay.

3.  When you order and tell them thanks, they always respond, “My pleasure!”

4.  They greet you when you come in the door and tell you thanks when you leave.

Last time, I was at Chic-Fil-A, I thought about how the church could learn from them.  The church is in fact in the customer business.  We are  here to serve others and we could learn alot of lessons from a customer service genius.  When we have guests or even faithful attenders, we should always aim to serve others with a smile.  The church should be the happiest place on earth.  When we serve in ministry, we should do it with a smile on.  From those who sing and worship  on the platform, to the Sunday School teacher.  Serve with joy!

We should welcome all who walk through our doors and, if they are new, show them around.  Help them find a seat or answer any questions that they may have.  If they are seated by themselves, sit near them so they do not feel alone. 

As far as excellence in service, we should make sure that all we do is done with excellence. 

5 thoughts on “Chic-Fil-A Experience

  1. I to enjoy Chick Fil A, not just the chicken sandwich or the special sauce which is great, but also because
    they honor the Lords Day. I know what would we do on
    Sunday if everything went back to being closed. Maybe
    just maybe we would enjoy our families more or even
    just rest. If we quit going to the places where we are not treated well, maybe they would change. We
    just got a Chick here a few months ago. It is always
    full.The same is true as you say in church. I attended a church for 12 yrs and most of the people thought I lived in another town near by. No one bothered to find out, nor did they seem to care.

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