Planning For 2010

Many people do not plan for their future.  Many do.  Many people live only for the day, others look ahead at what they want to accomplish.  The Bible says that without a vision people perish.  To get the most out of life we should have a vision for our life.  Maybe you do not know what you want to accomplish over the next five or ten years. But at least you can plan on what you want to see in the next year. 

On Ron Edmonson’s blog today, he gives a list of questions to ask as you plan for 2010.  I encourage you to take some time and set goals for next year.  When we set goals it gives us something to work toward.

Here are Ron’s questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to improve upon or accomplish in the new year?
  • How can I accomplish my goals for the year? What action steps need to be taken? What changes in my life need to be made?
  • Are there disciplines I need to add to insure success in a particular area of my life?
  • Do I have the accountability and structure in my life to carry through with these disciplines?
  • How is my walk with Christ? How can it be improved?
  • What things could I stop doing to give myself more time to accomplish the goals I have set for a new year?
  • If I know the direction I want to go in the new year, what changes need to be made to head myself in that direction?
  • What areas of my life need the most attention for improvement; work, family, leisure time, finances, health, etc.?

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