Josh’s First Deer

Yesterday, Josh got his first deer.  It was Arkansas’ Youth Hunt and we headed down to Paris, Arkansas to hunt on Calico Mountain.  We were out there for less than an hour when Josh got him a spike.  He was pumped!

Sonya told Hannah that Josh got a deer and Hannah said, “Oh when they get home the deer can chase me around the back yard.”  I had to break the news to her that the deer would be coming home in small one to two pound packages.  Nonetheless when I got home, Hannah dressed up in my camo.

Josh on the other hand has had his passage into manhood.  There is something about that first deer that makes  you feel like more of a man.  I am proud for him, not to mention he made a perfect shot on the deer while the deer was on the run. 

PB070008  PB070010  PB070012




3 thoughts on “Josh’s First Deer

  1. Great job Dad, just one thing now you have to get Hannah a live little deer to chase her in the back yard. Or you could put on a deer suit and let your horns out and do the job.
    I am so glad for Josh, make some good sausage for gumbo when its processed.

  2. Josh,congratulations on your first deer. We are proud of you. Also we’d like to see your dad dress up in a deer suit for Hannah. Love you all.

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