Sunday Hike

A couple of Sundays ago, Josh and I, went to hike our favorite trail.  Since moving last year, we have been able to hike a few trails, but our favorite is Shaddox Hollow.  It is a good rigorous hike with beautiful scenery.  It was absolutely incredible to see the changing of the colors out in the woods. 



PA110061 PA110047  PA110049 PA110050 PA110052 PA110053 PA110054 PA110055 PA110056 PA110057 PA110058 PA110059 PA110060

 PA110065 PA110066 PA110067 PA110068 PA110069  PA110071 PA110072 PA110073

3 thoughts on “Sunday Hike

  1. Pictures are great, such gorgeous colors. Josh looks
    so deep in thought. If someone painted those scenes others would say the colors could not be real. But
    photos are for real. Can you imagine God creating all of this. Let’s throw some pink here, oh yea maybe a little yellow over here. Ha Ha lets really make them wonder where this blue flower came from.

    Love the pictures you post, makes me feel like I am
    walking through the same places.

    • I asked Josh to make that pose based off of Michaelangelo’s “Thinker”.

      The colors were magnificent. if you would move up here, you could see it first hand. Hannah is waiting for you!

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