Thoughts On Fasting

Yesterday we began a 7 day fast.  The focus of this fast is to seek God for His miraculous power.  “These things come by prayer and fasting”, Jesus said.  So on  day two of the fast I just wanted to share a few thoughts:

1.  Fasting helps you overcome your flesh in order to tune into the Spirit.

2.  I read a good thought today that said, “Fasting demonstrates my PHYSICAL connection to God… Love God with all your strength.”  It is being willing to lay down your physical needs and rely on Him for strength. 

3.  The first couple of days are the toughest in fasting.  It is hard to concentrate because you are used to the food and junk.  Your body is going through withdrawals and believe it or not food has a psychological effect on you as well.  We crave certain things and our mind tells us we need it.  The first few days are spent overcoming the feelings of giving in.

4.  You never know how much you eat or how bad you eat until you fast.  You notice how often you crave the food or in my case, the candy stash in my office.  Fasting helps bring discipline to your habits.

5.  We always say that time is flying by.  I must admit, if we want to slow down time, just fast, minutes seem like hours.

6.  Fasting is something we do to discipline ourselves and draw near to God.  If you break your fast, it is not a sin.  Too often we feel condemned if we couldn’t make it and snuck a cookie.  Do your best.  God’s grace will see you through.  It is not easy and if you falter, pick up where you left off.  Don’t think it has been in vain.

7.  If you are fasting from all food, drink lots of water, it will help you feel more full.

Happy Fasting!

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