Awesome Weekend

This weekend was a busy yet awesome weekend.  Saturday was our Fall Festival.  The weather was beautiful with a cool 60 degrees.  We had a great crowd from the church as well as some good numbers from the community.  We had an incredible showing of volunteers from RFA.  Thanks to all who helped coordinate the different activities and food.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Sunday was Youth Sunday at RFA.  The youth and their sponsors led the service.  They did a fantastic job leading.  The worship was great!  The musicians and singers meshed real well as they led us into the presence of God.  Different ones revealed some of their God given talents by presenting poems, short stories, art, music and more.  It is amazing how God has gifted these young people with creativity.  Robyn, our youth leader, ended it all with a great encouragement from the Word.  She challenged the older generation to mentor and help shape the young people.  To not only invest in the youth ministry with finances, but to become involved in their lives.  She referenced Titus where the older should teach the younger.  The service concluded with the older generation praying for the RFA youth.  What a great service!

After church, we had a potluck dinner.  As a side note, why do they call it potluck?  Someone asked me that yesterday, I don’t know.    The food was good but the fellowship was the greatest part of it.  Yesterday was Pastor Appreciation Day and Sonya and I were blessed to say the least.  We received an overwhelming amount of love and encouragement.  All of the cards, gifts and kind words reminded us of how good God is.  We are thankful that God has allowed us to pastor at RFA.  Thanks to everyone for blessing us.  We love being your pastor!

After the potluck dinner, Sonya and I left for Tulsa.  The Grandparents are in town so we took advantage of that and dumped left the kids with them for a couple of days.  Last night, we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner at Outback (courtesy of a church member who gave us a gift card).  As married couples, I believe it is important to have time with one another alone, without the kids.  It is a great connection time without interruption or fighting children.  Time to enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks again RFA for such a wonderful weekend.  Because of you, our future looks bright.

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