Coffee With Hannah

Saturday morning is the only morning I drink my coffee at home.  If Hannah is awake, she wants some coffee too.  So, yesterday morning I made her a cup.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 33.  In fact, Josh started drinking it before I did.  He was seven.  Hannah has got us beat.  She is three and already likes a good cup of Joe.

IMG00220 IMG00221

2 thoughts on “Coffee With Hannah

  1. What a wonderful thing to have coffee in the morning with
    a beautiful princess. I hope Prince treated her royally. I had the previlage to take my great-grandson to church last night by myself. He was so good for his GG. He was dressed in his Future Dallas Cowboy Quarterback shirt, and
    his Cowboy socks. He was so precious!!!!!!!.

    Tell Hannah not to grow anymore till I get to see her.

    Love to all, The Pest.

  2. I always treat the princes like royalty. That is why she tells me what to do. As for the great grandson, “Did you get his cowboy clothes on clearance…they never put the Colt’s stuff on a clearance rack. Nonetheless, I am sure he was precious.

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