Showing Concern

Yesterday while we were out shopping, I had a convicting and eye-opening experience.  As I was putting  Hannah in the car, I heard a man screaming vulgarities and making noises as if he was disturbed and frustrated.  I looked over my shoulder and hurriedly put Hannah in the car, just in case he did something crazy.  I rushed Hannah into her car seat and was about to call Sonya and Josh, who were still in the store.  I started the car and drove around to where this gentlemen had been and I witnessed a perplexing sight.

At the front of the store was this disturbed man talking to an older woman.  His whole countenance had changed and he seemed different.  This woman was engaging him in conversation but she mostly listened with a genuinely concerned intent.  She would speak to him and he would reply, while all the long, she looked him in the eye.  She had disarmed this man’s anger because she cared.

As I drove away I was deeply convicted.  Sometimes people just need an ear.  Our reactions are usually the same as mine.  Hurry and get away!  I know we live in a crazy world and anything can happen, but sometimes we can make a difference if we will only show the love of Christ.  What convicted me the most was that this woman confronted this gentleman.  An elderly, frail woman engaged an enraged man.  What would cause her to respond to him?  The love of Christ and the boldness of the Holy Spirit.

What would happen if all believers, with wisdom and discernment, began to minister to the hurting and angry?  Could we change the world if we all had compassion and concern for others?  I am challenged to look at people in a different way.  To see if we can touch more lives just by being willing to listen and showing genuine concern for others.

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