Saturday afternoon, Hannah and I were hanging around the house.  Sonya and my mom were at the craft fair and Josh and my dad had gone to some museums.  It was just Hannah and I lounging around. 

She was laying in the chair as I was kicking back on the couch with my legs crossed.  I happened to glance over at her and she was trying to cross her legs.  I assume that it is difficult for a 3 year old to cross their legs (I don’t remember back that far).  She was trying hard to get her legs to obey when she finally succeeded.  She looked up at me with her legs sloppily crossed and said, “Daddy, why do you do this?” (Referring to crossing her legs.)  I simply replied, “Because it is comfortable.”  She was imitating me.

God created within every one of us the desire and the ability to imitate.  Children we often imitate their parents.  Amateurs try to be like professionals.  And as Christians we must desire to be like Christ. 

We have been given the pattern of a perfect life to live and we find that example in the Word of God.  God intentionally gave us His Word that we might know how to live and imitate Christ.  If that seems like a lofty goal, to be like Christ, we also have a great deal saints in the Scriptures who have lived for Christ.  The writer of Hebrews says we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses and that we have them as an example as well.  The Apostle Paul told his followers, “Imitate me as I follow Christ.”

Friend, it should be our desire to be like Christ and to follow, not only His example, but the lives of all those who went before us.

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