Good Idea

Have you ever wanted to take this kind of action?  This is actually one of those things that bother me…someone talking on the phone while I am waiting in line…not to mention talking so loudly we can here all the personal details.  My advice to those on the phone: call them back when you are in private! 

Sorry this cartoon just touched a nerve and after all, this is my blog to share MY personal opinions;)

cell phone

One thought on “Good Idea

  1. One day a man came in to pick up a tax return we had
    prepared and he was on his phone. I stood there waiting for him to get off, but he just asked what I was waiting for.
    I told him I wanted his undivided attention while I explained to him why he owed $50,000. Believe me he hung up real quick. He didn’t really owe that but he decided it was important to listen.
    Another thing you can do if some one is talking so loud in a
    restraunt, or store, start listening and let them know your
    listening and they will hang up, or talk very softly.
    I think cell phones should be turned off when you enter a
    public place.

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