Stretching My Leadership

I am on a constant journey to grow in leadership.  Lately I have been looking to grow as a pastor and I am trying to learn more about how we can build our church.  No, I am not looking for church growth methods, but rather a simple process where we can see steady growth. 

Right now we are at the 100-125 barrier.  This is our first major hurdle to clear.  We hit 100 and dip back down…hit 100 and dip down again.  At RFA we  must discover what we can do to break the barrier.  I know that numbers aren’t everything, but souls are everything.  To get past any barrier, we must evaluate whether we are impacting souls for eternity.

Yesterday, I was able to attend the Business Leaders Summit at the Church of Pinnacle Hills.  Dr. Ronnie Floyd is a phenomenal leader and preacher.  Needless to say, I can learn from him.  At this luncheon he presented the process to discovering our future.  He spoke in the context of business leadership but I left with a process for our church.

I have read many books on purpose, church growth, leadership, vision and processes.  By far, this simple process Dr. Floyd spoke about was the most practical and applicable for our church.  He laid out the simple steps to get to your future and it struck a chord with me.  I left the luncheon with the feeling, “Finally, that is what I have been waiting for.

I am not the smartest guy in the world.  I do, however, read alot of books but most of them are written by guys who are running in the thousands.  They share their philosophy based on where they are, not where they have come from.  Dr. Floyd’s process however, could work if you had 25 or 2500.

The whole premise of his message was, “The process always precedes the product.”

Here is the process he shared:

1. Start with missional vision and core values.  Define your missional vision and core values.  Core Values are guiding principles that create a culture that allows you to fulfill your future.  These are the things that are non-negotiable.  The things you live by.

2.  Next is the agreed upon goals.  Define your desired results.  What do you want to see in the end?  What is it you are working for?

3.  Then, identify your barriers.  Ask yourself, “What stands in my way?  What keeps me from accomplishing my desired results.”

4.  Define your Objectives.  Simply, make plans that will remove the barriers.

5.  Last, Make actions and directives.  Lay out specific steps to propel us to accomplish our future.  This is basically planning how you will make it to the end results.

6.  This process leads to the vision of your future.

One thing Dr. Floyd said that arrested my attention was, “The difference between a good leader and a great leader is follow-through.”  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  Follow-through happens to be a weakness of mine.  Not because I don’t finish what I start but rather I have too many irons in the fire, juggling too many things that take away the focus.  I am challenged to dedicate a certain portion of everyday to following through on the vision.

If you would like a copy of the process, here is a pdf file that I made from Dr. Floyd’s notes. 

These things can be applied to church, ministry, business or family.  Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Stretching My Leadership

  1. You can add one more thing if you think about it. Its just simply loving people. I think that if you and church members show genuine love for people that come to visit or come to stay,
    real love for them makes a difference. Most of the time that is what they are looking for outside of God’s love. They want to be accepted and included. Sometimes it really take a lot
    of work to do that.

  2. Vision! That is it! I have been thinking about this lately…. I know my purpose in life and I know what the church is suppose to look like and that we are to reach out to others- see souls saved, etc. But what is RFA’s vision?
    Good question….it used to be something like “More Christians- Better Christians” – “Love God-Love People”
    Could it still be the same…???… Could RFA have a “new passion” with the same principles that we had before. After all isn’t “THE MISSION” what it is all about? Deep thoughts for Terrell tonight. Better stop before I hurt myself =]

    • Terrell,

      this is a topic I have been dwelling on lately as well. The Mission is what it is all about and I do believe that we can have new passion for old principles. I believe God is beginning to work something in our church. RFA’s vision is similar to the God…learn together…living servanthood. basically: worship…discipleship…outreach and ministry. It is a lot to think about and I am praying that this vision will become alive in my heart and our hearts.

  3. Praying with you, Pastor. Rogers 1st needs this vision to really come alive to every one of us. I need to be reminded often of our purpose. Not sure why I am so easily distracted, but I am.

    And Terrell, I think you’ve been holding out on us. I think you have a lot of deep thoughts swirling around in your noggin. Keep sharing!

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