Do you have a Cause?

Do you have a cause to fight for?

Every person has a purpose for living.  Every person, that God has created, is destined for great things.  There is, however, a tragedy to this.  Not every one discovers their purpose. 

Implanted within you is something that you are passionate about.  You may not even notice it but inside of you is something that makes you passionate when you think about it.  Stop right now and think of something that stirs your heart.  Inside of you God has placed a cause for your life.

As I journey again through the Old Testament writings about the Kings of Israel and Judah, I noticed something about King David.  He was not yet king of Israel, he was just a young man with a cause.  Goliath was defying the army of Israel and the living God.  David catches wind of it and he is hot.  Although he is not the greatest of warriors, he is not even in the army, his heart is stirred.  His cause arises within him.  He voices his disgust that the army of Israel will not fight the giant, Goliath.  David’s brother then rebukes him and accuses him of pride.

David says, "What have I done now?  Is there not a cause?" (I Samuel 17:29)

There is a cause!  David chose to be the one to fight the 9 foot giant.  When man has a cause there is no obstacle too big for him.  When God implants within you a cause nothing can stop you but you.  David could have sat back and said, "I can’t fight the enemy here, I am not even in the army. It is not my place."  He chose, however, to fulfill his purpose.  God had placed that passion in David not the army.

There is a cause inside of you that God wants to use you to fulfill.  No matter how big the obstacle seems, if you are called to fulfill it, nothing can stop you.  Remember in the story that David did not wait until Goliath made the first move.  David ran at Goliath.  What a funny picture!  A kid with a slingshot running towards a guy that is two foot taller than Shaquille O’Neal.  There was no intimidating David. He had a cause.

God is waiting for His people to fulfill their cause.  We cannot be intimidated by the obstacles before us.  No matter how big they are, we cannot cower down.  We have a mission to fulfill.  My passion may not be the same as yours but you and I must each pursue our passions.  If we all pursue the cause inside of us, the body of Christ will be complete.  Run after the giants and fulfill your purpose.

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