4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Dating

  1. Aha I see you are reliving old memories of YOUR youth. Thats what my
    boys tell me now. They see what we went through as parents, always
    worried about our kids. I would constantly give them the scripture,
    “train up a child” in everything they did. Clean the rooms. drive their
    cars, etc. That is one of the best scriptures to use. Believe me they will
    never forget it if you use it enough. Also, quit being mean to my little

  2. Judith,

    I will not incriminate myself on this subject. If you are trying to extract information that you can somehow use against me, it will not work.

    Beyond the extortion attempt here, you are right. We must train up our child. God’s word always holds true.

  3. Oh I am so sorry for upsetting you, it is just like when my mother used to fuss at me. She never called me Judith unless she was mad at me. So
    please, please forgive me no way did I mean you were a bad bad boy.
    But the chicken who cackles the loudest, usually laid the egg!!!!!. Still
    love ya and you can’t get rid of me that easy. lol

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