Quotes From Grandma’s Old Bible

Since we moved last year, I have not had the space to put up all of my books.  We recently remodeled my office and added some bookcases so now, I am able to put out all my books.  As I was sorting through the books, I found my grandma’s old Bible.

I began to thumb through it and found some great quotes.  I am amazed at how “used” this Bible was.  It is a sign that my grandma was a student of God’s Word.  It has challenged me to dig in more to the Scriptures and “use” my Bible.

Over the next couple of days I am going to share some of the timeless wisdom found in this old Bible.  Here is today’s:

People say God stopped His supernatural works in the first century. I’ve never heard anyone say the devil stopped his.

Would God expect us to go up against a supernatural enemy (devil) without supernatural weapons to fight him?

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