Lesson In Leadership

I am a huge fan of the Houston Astros.  I have been since I was a little kid.  I have loved them in good times and in bad.  In recent years, since their World Series try a couple of years ago, the Astros have been slacking. 

When a team begins to go downhill, they look for people to blame.  In professional sports we hear the terms, “we are in a rebuilding season”, “next year is our turnaround year”, and while those things are true, eventually you have to come up with the goods.  At some point you have to actually turnaround.

Such is the case with the Astros.  We have been hearing these phrases the last couple of years.  If something doesn’t change, someone has to make a change.  Today, Manager Cecil Cooper was dismissed.  In his playing days with the Milwaukee Brewers, Cecil Cooper was a hitting machine, one of the greatest in Brewers history.

The first year with the Astros, fans had a love affair with Coop.  He was the greatest thing since cotton candy.  But when the team did not turn around, someone had to pay.  Today was payday.  Every organization has to have a scapegoat and here he was.  I did not care for Coop’s coaching tactics, but it is always easier to coach from my living room than from the bench.  I have often wondered if it is hard to coach a group of guys that make four times as much as Coop did.  Nonetheless, the coach is the guy that goes first.

In business and church it is the same scenario.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Yes in the church, we play by different rules, but every pastor should take seriously his or her role of leadership.  As goes the leader so goes the church.  I have often said, we are in a season of revitalization or rebuilding. We indeed are!  Recently though, I have began to seek the Lord for what is after this season.  I want to look ahead to where we are we will be after our rebuilding season.  I can only use the rebuilding phrase for so long.  Somewhere, we must begin building and this is where leadership comes in.

For me as a leader, that leadership begins with being under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  If the church doesn’t continue to move forward, I must seek the heart of God to determine why.  The Bible says that it is His church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.  If we are lined up with God and His Word, growth will come in due season.  Certainly there are different seasons for the growth of the church.  It is following God where He leads us so that we can build the team that He desires.  As the leader of RFA, I want to put our team on the winning track.  I am looking for God to lead us in the ways He has for us.  Let’s build the church!

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