Ice Cream Diet

For many years I have tried to find the perfect formula to lose weight.  The truth is, I don’t want to give up anything in order to lose weight.  I want to eat what I have always eaten and still lose weight. 

I have recently made a discovery that has proved helpful.  Ice Cream helps me lose weight.  Two or three scoops a night of Braum’s Cookies and Cream is sure to help me lose all the weight I need to lose.  You see, for me Ice Cream is my comfort food.  It is like an anti-depressant.  So here is my theory.  When I get down in the dumps I like to eat.  Eating, to me, is not only a hobby but it is a comfort.  Because I eat more when I get depressed, I find that Ice Cream has the tendency to wipe away my worries and foul moods.  If I have less depression, I will  not eat as much.  Ice Cream keeps me from being depressed.

So here it is, eat Ice Cream at least once a day and it will keep me from being depressed which in turn will help me to eat less.  The Ice Cream Diet is the way to go.  Move over Atkins and Maker’s Diet, this is the new fad.

After writing all of that it sound preposterous.  Why?  Because it is ridiculous to think that we can eat Ice Cream all the time and lose weight.  It is an indulgence that has to be kept under control.  My theory that it makes me eat less is my own rationale.  I think that because I want to believe it.  Ice Cream will not cause me to lose weight, no  matter how much I want to believe it will.

In our lives, we somehow think that we can flourish spiritually, with out giving up some of the pleasures of life.  People in our world today, want to be spiritual but they are unwilling to give up their old lives of sin.  They want to go to Heaven but they give the least of the cost to get there.  We buy into the notion that because God desires that we be saved that He will somehow allow us to be saved and still live like we aren’t.  We can rationalize everything.  We can use excuse after excuse of why we cannot give up certain things, but in reality is that what God allows or is it what we want Him to allow?

What is it in our lives that we have excused because it is too difficult for us to overcome? 

One thought on “Ice Cream Diet

  1. Oh poor baby. Just think IF you make it to heaven maybe thats all you eat until you get tired of it. Or maybe your whole mansion will be a
    freezer full. Just in case it it maybe Sonya will
    put a coat with you when you die, or you carry one all the time in case you go in the rapture.
    Oh well now I know you miss me so much you are
    depressed. HEHEHE

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