Trusty Old Bible

IMG00199I often go through phases in my life where I get the idea that I need a new Bible.  If you look in my office, you find that I have alot of phases that lead to alot of new Bibles.  I research Bibles on the internet and find one that I think will be the perfect match for me.  I find a good deal on it and I buy it. 

When I get a new Bible it is a love affair.  New pages that look so clean and fresh, the smell of new leather,  the gold gilding still in tact on the Bible paper.  For a couple of weeks I read the new Bible and then something changes.  I have yearning for my “old” Bible.  The Bible that I have had for years. 

In fact, this trusty “old” Bible is a faithful friend.  We have been companions for a long while.  The Spirit Filled Bible is my trusty old Bible.  It continually draws me.  I purchased my first one in 1995 and I wore it out.  I bought my second one in 2001 and wore it out.  I was about to buy another one when Thomas Nelson published a Spirit Filled Life Bible in their Signature Series.  It was Calfskin leather and over $150.00.  I would have to sell my first born to get me one.  However, I decided to keep Josh, and I was able to sell a set of commentaries and bought the Calfskin Leather Spirit Filled Life Bible and my life has been good ever since.

I have an infatuation with Calfskin Bibles (although they are too expensive to have too many).  The way they feel in your hand as you read it is a great experience.  They are soft and supple, flexible, durable and age well.  Even though I buy new Bibles, I  always come back to my trusty old favorite. 

Do you have a favorite Bible that you have used that you cannot replace?

4 thoughts on “Trusty Old Bible

  1. I have a Dakes that I really liked. All of the little explainations in the margin used to teach me a lot of things while the preacher was preaching. But
    unfortunately my eyes don’t focus on the small print any more and large print would be to heavy to carry. It showed the cost of some things in the Lords day compared to today. Then it also explained some expressions used. But if I am at home I can use it and move it close to my eyes.

  2. Dake’s has a lot of comprehensive notes. The regular Dake’s is a big bible in itself…the large print should weigh as much as a small child. It is good that you can at least read it at home.

    Just curious, how many pastors did you hear that took their outlines out of Dake’s Bible?

  3. There were a lot of GOOD PREACHERS & PASTORS a long time ago. Now they all get the same sermon off the internet. Now I am now saying all do so settle down. But sometimes they
    would use some of the explanations in their sermon just about the time I would look at them.

  4. I love the Bible my dad gave me years ago. I, like you go back to it over and over. It just fits my personality.

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