This morning, I read a moving article about a 20 year old man who died in a tragic automobile accident.  Pastor Ronnie Floyd, a fellow pastor in Rogers, wrote about the legacy that this young man left because he was an organ donor.  Read the words of this article and think about what it would mean for others if we would decide to be an organ donor when we pass away.  I have been designated as an organ donor for years now, but this article solidifies for me the importance of such a decision.

Pastor Ronnie Floyd writes:

“Yesterday afternoon, I had the challenging responsibility of preaching the Memorial Service for 20-year-old Aaron Webster. Aaron’s life was taken through an automobile accident. While his family prayed at his side in the hospital for a miracle, it did not happen the way they had so prayed for it to happen. The miracles came through his death and I want to tell you about them.

Before I tell you about those miracles, I want to insure you understand that his family has confidence that Aaron knew Christ personally. Aaron is in heaven today. He is in the presence of God today. It was this assurance that calmed the broken hearts of Aaron’s parents, his fiancee, his two sisters and family. Being blessed with God’s peace about where he is today, let me tell you about the other miracles that happened through his death. Get ready: what a story!

Aaron was an organ donor. Ten percent or less of the people who give organs upon their death are able to give all that Aaron was able to give. Aaron was very special and in his death, God even affirmed that more. These miracles happened through Aaron’s death. When Aaron died, he gave much away and miraculously, all of the beneficiaries of his organ donations are progressing at this point.
What did he give to people?

*Aaron gave his heart to a 32-year-old man in Texas
*Aaron gave his liver to a 55-year-old man in Arkansas
*Aaron gave one lung to a 61-year-old man in Wisconsin
*Aaron gave one lung to 70-year-old man in Illinois
*Aaron gave one kidney to a 15-year-old girl in Arkansas
*Aaron gave one kidney to a 9-year-old boy in Arkansas
*Aaron gave intestine/pancreas to a 56-year-old man in Pennsylvania

Additionally, the corneas of his eyes will be placed soon and will give sight to the blind. Powerfully, grafts of his skin will provide skin grafts for 200 children who have suffered severe burn or accidents.

Therefore, all of these people have become beneficiaries of Aaron’s death. While this brings the Webster family comfort, their hearts still break with major pain as anyone’s would in the loss of a child.

His family shared with me the other day: “While we prayed by his side for a miracle, we did not get our miracle, but others did.” Yes, many others received their miracles through Aaron’s death. Sitting in Texas, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, there were individuals and families praying for a miracle. Yes, God gave them their miracle. May it all bring God glory in this deep moment of loss and sadness for Aaron’s family. I cannot even imagine the pain they must feel. May God give them the power to praise Him in the midst of this storm.

Thank God for miracles that can happen, even through death.”

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