Hannah’s Birthday 2009

Today we are celebrating Hannah’s 3rd birthday.  She is excited!  She is looking forward to opening presents.  Her heart’s desire this birthday is a princess bicycle.  Guess what we bought her?  A Princess Bicycle!  I hope she doesn’t read this and spoil the surprise.

Tonight is the night she has been waiting for.  Chuck E. Cheese!  She has been telling us for days, Chuck E. Cheese is going to sing to her.  She loves Chuck E.  Now as for me, I like Chuck E. Cheese about as much as the dentist.  But I will be going to the party anyway, after all I am Hannah’s dad. 

Hannah has been a gift from God to us.  We were told that we could not have any more children and God miraculously worked on our behalf.  We are thankful for Hannah.

Happy Birthday Princess Hannah!  (For those of you that don’t know her, that is what she calls herself)

2 thoughts on “Hannah’s Birthday 2009

  1. I got to talk to princess this morning. She told me
    she was coming to see me and was bringing her
    pajamas. So send her ups and they will bring her
    to my office. I can’t wait.

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