Lucille Part 2

Today was the fateful day that I knew would come but I did not want to face.  I handed over the keys to Lucille, my beloved.  She had many ailing problems that I could not fix and I had to make the decision to put her up for sale.  The sad part is I could find no takers, so I sold her to the Salvage “Junk” Yard.  I listened to the way the Junk Yard Dog talked about Lucille.  How she wasn’t worth much, how she had a lot of problems.  Nonetheless He took her!

When I drove off from the Salvage Yard it felt like I had just left one of my kids at an orphanage. There is a bright side , taking a car to the Salvage Yard is like being an organ donor.  Lucille will live on in 100 different cars.  At least she will leave a legacy.

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