Drivers Ed

Since Josh is fifteen we are bracing ourselves for driving.  We have already allowed him to drive short distances and around the church parking lot, but we are not ready for the “big” streets yet.  He is a conscientious kid but learning to drive often means mistakes.  I am not ready for that.  Also, I can’t bear the thought of turning him loose by himself in a car yet.  He is a good kid but I am very protective also. 

When I saw this cartoon, I was reminded of what learning to drive means.

drivers ed

4 thoughts on “Drivers Ed

  1. Maybe, you can teach him how to check to see if there is water in the radiator and oil in the engine. Of course, it might be better if his grandfather taught him this, since you never knew how to.

  2. I recently learned the difference between the radiator and the engine. I was always confused about why the oil couldn’t go into the radiator. The mechanic showed me what a manifold looked like and the little hole to pour in the oil (brown liquid). He also informed me that if I continue to put anti-freeze (green liquid) in the manifold, it will actually freeze the engine. I told him I didn’t understand because I thought anti freeze was against freezing. He tried to explain it to me but I don’t think he really knew what he was talking about. Nonetheless, I decided it might be better to follow his instructions even though he doesn’t know that much about cars.

    As for teaching Josh, I am hoping he can learn that in Home Ec.

  3. First of all I am still in Ft Lauderdale at Mel’s diner
    looking for you. Even I know how to put oil in my car and water in the radiator. I can even change a flat. It is time to learn how to do things instead of making others do it for you. If you come back
    for a visit I will show you how. I bet Josh will be a
    good driver, cause you will make Sonja teach him.
    Probably the best idea you have had in a long time. hehe

  4. Judy,

    Next clue is found in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Find a guy named Joe at the meat market on 11th street.

    I am glad to know you are mechanically inclined. I do need some help, perhaps you could teach my children how to change oil.

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