Labor Day

Today we have been having a laid back holiday.  We decided that we would do no labor on Labor Day.  It seems like that is an oxymoron in itself to have a holiday called Labor Day and they let you off of work.  We woke up this morning with no agenda and late this morning we decided to head to our favorite cafe, Granny’s Kitchen in Huntsville.  What a meal!

When we headed back, we took a different route (on purpose) and took a lazy drive through the Ozark Mountains.  It was a beautiful drive.  It is nice just to hang out with the family.  It seems at times we are so busy and going in different directions, but I love to spend a day with Sonya and the kids.

Yesterday we had a great Sunday.  We kicked off our new Sunday School quarter with a breakfast and it was well attended.  In fact, new people came for the breakfast and got connected to a Sunday School class.  Service was also great yesterday morning.  The presence of the Lord was real!

Last night, we joined New Hope Assembly for their Labor Day picnic.  It was great to fellowship with Pastor Longmate and his church family.  They had a lot to do for the kids and Hannah really enjoyed herself.  In fact, when she woke up this morning, she said, “Is it morning?  All right let’s go to the picnic!”

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