God Knows Where You’re At

Yesterday, I attended the Leadership and Preaching Lab in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  It was a one day conference with three speakers, Dr. Mark Rutland, Bryan Jarrett and Ron Woods.  It was a day of insight and encouragement.

I have been to many conferences in my lifetime, but this is the first one that seemed to speak to me right where I was at.  It was like God set me up to go and told the speakers what to say.  As I left yesterday afternoon, I felt like God had spoken to me.  Every word that was preached spoke to something in my life.

Out of all of the ways I was challenged and uplifted, it reminded me that God knows where I am at and what I need, when I need it.  God is faithuful!

  • Not to mention, after listening to Bryan Jarrett preach, I decided, that is how I want to preach when I grow up:)

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