Passion For Sin or Eternity?

What I want, I want it now
To Christ, I don’t want to bow

I go through the ritual and all the motions
But in the midst of it all, I have little passion

I prefer to live life now, forever is too long to wait
I want the pleasure now, eternity will be too late

Sin feels good for me, it pleases me today
It is hard to overcome, so I will just give way

But soon our life will end
And then what will I depend

Sin will hold me close no more
And now Christ will not answer the door

I had my feel, I had my way
Now I have nothing left to say

I try to persist, trying to get through
But Christ only says, “I never knew you.”

Here lies for us a decision that we must make
Will we seek pleasure now or will we wait.

-Danny Cheney-

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