First Day of School

Today I dropped Josh off for his first day of school.  He is beginning the tenth grade in a High School with 2,222 students.  This is a massive school, especially for a kid who has never been to public school. 

I am proud of the young man he is and I am confident of how he will handle this new walk of life.  I can’t imagine the anxiety he felt walking in for the first time.  I was anxious for him.

As a parent, it is hard to let my kids go.  In three years, Josh will begin college.  As I dropped him off today, I was overwhelmed with emotions, thinking we only have a few years left with him. 

We must make the most of every opportunity with our kids.  We only have them for so long and then they grow up.  While we have them, we  must teach them the truths of God’s Word and root them in His love.  When they enter  the world, they will have a sure foundation and can stand against the temptations of this world.  We must never forget to bathe them in prayer for God’s keeping grace to be with them.  Then we must place them in God’s hand. 

Parenting is an intentional work, we must do our best!

2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. I hope Josh was ok yesterday. If it wasn’t good, don’t tell him I prayed for him.
    But if he had a good day, You can tell him. I turned his name in to the radio
    station I listen to now, they were praying for kids going back to school. I really miss out discussions.

    • Josh did really well. It was a little overwhelming, but he seemed alot better after his second day. Your prayers worked. You must be living right:) I miss our discussions too. If you leave more comments again, I will make sure I respond from now on.

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