How To Get The Boat You Want

Last week, we went to Bass Pro Shops in Oklahoma City.  We were looking at the boats just for fun, that is not in the budget for our household.  However, Bass Pro Shops provided us with the answer to our dilemma.  See Picture Below:


If she only knew:)

7 thoughts on “How To Get The Boat You Want

  1. Please, it you want to do any trading, try 1204 S. 12 th Street here in Rogers first. However, I doubt if we have anything that would be worth the exchange of such a sweetie.

  2. oops that throw in. Even a pot of Italian Meat balls and those long noodles (I can’t think right nowbecause I’m tired that I can’t spell.) Now I
    think thats a real good trade.

  3. Hannah’s expresstion to what you said and with that sighn Says it all!!
    that is too cute!!
    Thank you Danny for all that you do for not just me but for everyone at the church!

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