Going The Long Way

While on vacation last week, Josh and I went to hike at the Chickasaw National Refuge in Sulphur, Oklahoma.  It is a beautiful park, full of woods and hills, nestled in the town of Sulphur.  We decided to take a familiar hike along the creek that runs through the park, about a two-mile trek.

As we came to the cut-off to head back to the car, I decided for us to take a different route to the bottom of the hill and then back up.  I wanted to see the scenery down hill.  As we made it to the bottom of the hill, we made the decision to follow the road back to our car.  That 2 mile hike turned into a 5 mile journey.  We took the long way!

I am always in the mood to take pictures when we hike, about 3.5 miles, I put up the camera and “hoped” for the car to appear around any curve.  It finally appeared about a mile and half later, when we wrapped around that final bend, we found the trail again.  The car was within minutes. 

Have you ever gone the long way?  Hindsight tells us, if you don’t know what is along the road, go back the way you came.

P7170053 P7280054   P7280057 P7280058 P7280059  P7280061 P7280062 P7280063 P7280064   P7280067 P7280068  P7280070 P7280071 P7280072 P7280073 P7280074

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