Hidden Diversity Trail – Hobbs

This afternoon, Josh, Quentin and I took a hike out at Hobbs Conservation Area.  It was a warm afternoon, but once we got into the woods, it wasn’t too bad in the shade.  The Hidden Diversity Trail has some great trails so we chose one and went for about five miles.  It was an awesome trek into the hollow and followed some ridgelines through this portion of the Ozark mountains. 

We went about five this afternoon and it was about the time some animals started moving in the woods.  We saw two armadillos (the first ones I have seen alive since moving to Arkansas, the rest have been road kill).  We also saw a couple of deer. 

I am becoming more intrigued with nature as we hike these trails through the mountains.  I am always invigorated by the scene of God’s creation.  There is an amazing calm in the woods.  As the gentle breeze blows through the trees, you can almost sense God’s presence.  When we are out on the trail, there are no cares or worries.  Just awestruck at the beauty of God.

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Diversity Trail – Hobbs

  1. Great to see pictures of Josh. He hasn’t changed, hope he is feeling better. Very nice pictures. But
    glad your back, I missed your daily talking to me on the blog and making me realize what I may not be doing. We have a new southern gospel station here now and I have it on all day. I love
    the way they pray for requests. No pretense just
    tells it like it is. No big words, I find myself praying
    more during the day without realizing it. Who knows God may change me yet, won’t you be thrilled lol.

    • That is great about the Southern Gospel station (especially, because it is my favorite kind of music 🙂 ). It is about time the Golden Triangle get a station there. I am sure they have a lot of listeners.

      Josh is doing better, He is back to his old self, which means he acts alot like you. And yes, I am holding out hope that God will change before the Rapture. I am afraid, He will make me spend eternity with the unchanged Judy:)

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