Before we left for vacation we made a slight investment that has paid off great dividends on our trip.  We bought a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite).  It is amazing, the technology of the GPS.  We type in an address and it takes us there with precise direction.  The only trouble we got into was not following the directions good enough and we took the wrong turn.  We bought a Magellan GPS and it tells us when to turn and what streets to turn on.  I took the wrong turn when I didn’t listen well enough, so I had to turn around and go back the right way.

Within every Christian, God has placed His personal GPS.  The Holy Spirit!  The Holy Spirit guides us.  He is an internal voice that tells us when to turn and where not to turn.  He gives us precise instructions and we must follow those, if we want to stay on the right path.

Often, we have the problem of going the wrong way and having to turn around.  On many GPS systems it says “recalculating” when you miss your turn or you do not go the suggested route.  On our Magellan GPS it does not say recalculating it waits a moment and then says, “As soon as possible make a legal u-turn.”  That is what the Holy Spirit says when we do not go the right way.  “As soon as possible, make a legal U-turn. Turn around and go the way I told you to.”

Too often as believers we do not go the right way.  In fact, we go our own way!  But in the gentleness of the Holy Spirit, He urges us to turn around and go the right way.  We must learn to obey our internal GPS and follow the Holy Spirit’s instructions.  It will save us alot of heartache and trouble.

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