July Vacation

We had an awesome service yesterday morning.  God moved in a mighty way!  We had one person rededicate their life to the Lord and many others ministered to.  We continued our PASSION series and looked at Renewing our Passion. 

Our Passion series is meant for us to evaluate the Passion in our lives.  Yesterday morning, we asked ourselves four questions to determine if we are losing our Passion for the things of God.

1. Is my love for God growing cold? 
2. Do I still have a burden for the unsaved?
3. Do I still have joy in serving God?
4. Am I allowing compromise to steal my passion?

These are questions that we should ask ourselves regularly.

We left after service for Sulphur Springs, Texas.  We stayed the night and Hannah couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and go swimming.  We were able to swim a little bit before it started raining.  I have often wondered why we get out of the pool when it rains, are we afraid of getting wet?:)  Actually we got out because it was lightning.  Lightning and water don’t mix.

Today, we will pick up Josh in Greenville.  He has been with a friend of his for a week and I am glad we are going to get him back.  After we pick him up, we are headed to Sonya’s parents for the rest of the week.  Looking forward to spending a week in the country and not doing a whole lot.

Having said all that, I will try to post everyday this week, but no guarantees, I’m on vacation.  I am only doing things if I feel like it this week:)  And yes, that is being lazy!

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