How Can You Refuse?

The last couple of days have been long.  It seems that we stay up late and get up early.  When I got home from work yesterday, I wanted to take it easy.  Sonya had music practice at 6:30pm so that meant it was just me and Hannah (Josh is out of town).

As is her custom, Hannah changes outfits at least every hour.  I knew I was in trouble when she wanted her “Sunday” dress on.  The Sunday dress means she prances around, wants to take walks, play outside and DANCE. 

Last night, I knew there would be no rest when Hannah wanted to watch Mary Poppin’s and fast forward to the song Step In Time.  If you have watched Mary Poppin’s, Step In Time is a ten-minute song of Dancing, Jumping and Swinging.  When Hannah watches that she clears the floor and WE have to do Step In Time.  As I said, it is a ten minute song.  For me, that is like an aerobic workout. 

We danced through the song, I swung Hannah around and we danced for ten minutes.  I was tired to begin with but then came the fateful words, “Let’s do it again!”  I plopped in my chair, held up the remote control and rewound it back to the beginning.  Then, I stayed in my chair and told Hannah to dance by herself this time.

Hannah walked over to me, looked up at me with her eyes of love and said, “Prince, do you want to dance with a dream come true?”  How could I refuse?  We danced the night away!

3 thoughts on “How Can You Refuse?

  1. I would pay good money for a video of that. But all of a sudden, I could see God listening to all of us every day, all day, and nights included. I am
    sure some of our excuses we make to him about why we don’t or can’t do
    something for Him. Do you think he every want to know “Do you want
    to dance with a dream come true.” But I know you are getting old.

    Just wanted to add that Jarid Michael fits in my arms. Got to hold him last
    night. He still needs prayer, but is doing better.

    Dance your heart out with my little girl.

    Love To all your favorite PEST

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