The Passion of God

There has been a recurring word that is challenging my heart and mind.  It is the word passion.  In my daily walk with God, I feel God stirring my heart to be more passionate about Him and the Kingdom of God.  So often in our lives, we lose our passion or let it slip away without hardly noticing. 

God has been dealing with my heart about some areas that I/we must have passion for.

A Passion for what God has a passion for. The Lost (I shared this Sunday.  You can listen to it here.)

A Passion for God and His presence.

A Passion for His Kingdom’s Work (Ministry)

A Passion for His Church

A Passion for People

These are areas that we must focus on and be more passionate about.  In fact, if we lack passion in these areas, we will find ourselves in a spiritual rut or content with the status quo.  God desires for His people, Christ followers, to be passionate about the things of God. 

We must pursue Him and His presence.  We must be passionate for His church and the work of ministry.  We must be passionate for people and the lost.  If we lack passion in these areas, we need to spend more time in prayer and His Word and ask Him to relight our fire.  What are you most passionate about? Where do you lack passion ?

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