A Hurting Generation

Thursday nights always provide us with some drama because it is youth night at the library.  Last night, the crowd got out of hand and there were four police cars in the church parking lot.  A crowd of twenty youth gathered and there was some fighting going on. 

For a while, these things just frustrated me.  In fact, I was more than irritated.  After last night, my heart began to break for this generation of kids.  The future for this generation is not bright UNLESS Christ intervenes in their life.  The odds are stacked against many of today’s youth.  Broken homes, immorality running rampant, hostility, anger and hatred are a part of their every day life.  I have seen in the eyes of today’s youth, the hurt and pain of what they are enduring.  Beyond that I see a hopelessness in their eyes.

As I was praying for this generation of kids, I was reminded of when Jesus looked over the crowd in Matthew 9 and the Bible says He was moved with compassion for they were weary and scattered as sheep having no shepherd.  Jesus then called His disciples to touch their lives. 

We are called to reach the scattered sheep.  Young and old alike.  There are people who are hurting and desperate for love…unfailing love.  We are His disciples and Christ wants us to minister to this hurting generation.  Jesus tells His disciples in Matthew 10, after He has called them, “Freely you have received, freely give.”  We have received so much from Christ, are we giving away His life, His hope to this world?”

It is interesting to me how He says this after He has given His disciples a list of things they have power over.  “Heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, cast out demons.  Freely you have received, freely give.”  We have received the power to touch, we must give His power away.  I also, happen to think that many of these disciples might have been the recipient of these things Jesus described.

How many of us have been healed?  We must give it away.  How many have been touched by His power?  We must touch others because we have been touched.  The church, must not hoard the blessings of God, we must reach out and touch this generation.  They are not looking for us to be hip and cool.  They are looking for a church that embraces them with love, being genuine and walking in the power of God.  Freely you have received…freely give.

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